Monday, October 18, 2010

Journeys continue with Single Steps

The past week was filled with activity that ended with our metaphorically appropriate sun-blessed "Out of the Darkness" fundraising walk for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention which we walked in Dianna's memory.

About 800 people participated and took a 3 mile stroll along Waterfront Park past Saturday Market, across the railroad deck of the Steel Bridge, along the Eastback Esplanade and back across the Hawthorne Bridge all in less than 90 minutes. The local chapter of the AFSP raised over $50k and Team Dianna is on track to exceed $2k with donations still being accepted through year end. It was sobering to see such a long line of people of all ages who are walking a similar path with me. Judy & Sophia came up with the idea and I think I can speak for Judy, Sophia, Linda U, Rick, LeeLa, and Linda C in saying we're all glad we took part.

On Monday it was time for the first of our monthly "Boys Night Out for Burgers" in which an intrepid group of carnivores attempt to "weigh in" on Willamette Week's assessment of the best burgers in Portland. Our initial adeventure involved Ted, Rick, Frank, Owen, and me and after a failed effort at Tasty & Sons in NE we ended up at Metrovino, the #1 choice. We agreed "The King is Dead" as we weren't wowed by the $13 burger. I'm ready to write in the "Three Square Grill" offering.

Tuesday I went over to celebrate Brenda and Wayne's marriage with Merry & Eamonn, and Wayne's son Jake and got do see photo documentation of the Belknap festivities. They headed to Maui Thursday morning for 2 weeks of Maui Wowie...

Wednesday was "An Iliad" at PCS with Meg and we both though it was a powerful anti-war piece. It was a one man performance where he assumed the role of "The Poet" and reflected in detail on the Trojan War but refereced the hundred wars since.

Thursday I had lunch with Carrie, a former condo neighbor and fellow Stanford grad who teaches yoga and as part of the development of the "new" me, I wanted to explore the possibilities of some yoga classes. We had an enjoyable discussion and will continue it after I return form my upcoming Stanford adventures.

With colder weather approaching, I've been thinking of replacing the defective fireplace in the condo and saw some adds for some good deals. I talke to NW Natural on Friday and went out to NE 142nd on Saturday where Rick & I conviently had scheduled a round at Glendoveer. I liked what I saw and picked a modest model which should get installed in the next few weeks and I can start my version of "Fireside Chats". We had a beautiful day for golf and were a combined 1 under par through 6 holes before I started to falter. Rick ended up with a 37-40 and I had a 39-45 so I took my ad off Craiglist to sell my clubs...

Saturday was a fundraiser for the American Friends Society (Quakers) Peace & Justice Group courtesy of Rick Seifert at Artist's Rep for a performance of "The Hillsboro Story", a fascinating tale of a a small Ohio town's reaction tot the 1954 Brown V Board of Education decision ushering in begrudging desegregation as remembered by an 8 year old. It was told through the efforts of a cast of 4 actresses who played all the parts and the author was present as the main character. The had a talkback with the audience afterwards which was illuminating. It plays for a few more weeks and I highly recommend it.

Sunday for the 2nd week in a row, I took Dave & Mary to the SE Portland Self Realization Fellowship which is based on the teachings of Parmahansa Yogananda. thought that was a great way to prepare myself for the walk as I know Dianna had enjoyed her visits there. Judy picked up and we made it down in time for our 2:OO walk..

I'll leave Thursday for my Stanford Reunion and am really looking forward to reconnecting with a lot of folks. I'll return to Portland Sunday much like I did 35 years ago, unsure of what the future holds, but optomistic none the less. I'll at least retuen with a new Stanford hat...

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