Monday, December 5, 2011

S.P.A.M.M.I.N.G. Chronicles Day 2 "While I Pondered for a Week, While Wearing a Lei"


As the first full day dawns we begin to accrue
A variety of experiences both familiar and new
Doug and Sandy soothes us with some slack key
After a Lighthouse visit where there is much to see
Which followed a meditation at a Temple Hindu

A McMaster Slack Key concert is especially great
We always arrive early and stay till it's late
Of course the Universe found a way
To reward Dianna with a fragrant lei
Was it coincidence or just a bit of fate?

After a restful night with the sounds of the ocean as a backdrop, I watched a partial sunrise from my room and went out to greet John and Sally. I knew oatmeal would be part of our daily rituals and I also been my regime of taking vitamins, fish oil and greens and a glass of aloe and Univera Extra and Chocolate shake along with bananas, a tentative effort with papaya and toast with the Costco Triple Cream Cheese. We had planned a full day with a visit to the Hindu Temple above Waialua and then a trek northward to the Kilauea Lighthouse and on to Hanalei for a slack key guitar concert with Doug & Sandy McMaster. The meditation experience at the temple was an amazing first time event as we sat through the chants and then the passing of various powders and liquids which we would place on our third eye. We were each given a hibiscus flower and I was the only one that received a red one, which John suggested meant a healing heart. The story of this temple is fascinating and its 45 year journey to completion is awe inspiring. This temple is the worldwide publishing headquarters of Hinduism Today which has used Apple products since the 80s to publish their magazine. The temple will be complete in 2017 when a 6 ton crystal identified in a vision in 1970. Suitably blessed, we headed north to the Lighthouse. We made a stop at Ono Burger in Anahola and were then also blessed with a gorgeous view with plenty of sun from Kilauea Point.. I left Dianna at the steps of the lighthouse and then we drove into Hanalei in time for a wonderful concert from Doug and Sandy. I bought an additional ticket for Dianna and, wouldn't you know it, her ticket won the flower lei. Doug played a slack key version of Amazing Grace in Dianna and Merlin's honor. We headed back home as dusk approached and stopped in Kapaa for a nice Thai dinner before returning home. Definitely a full first full day! After a relaxing dip in the hot tub it was off to bed with the palms swaying just outside the window.

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  1. ofcourse Dianna's ticket won the lei....I can see you smiling and Dianna,too.......Love is Eternal

    Heart Hugs,