Saturday, December 10, 2011

S.P.A.M.M.I.N.G. Chronicles Day 8 - "Moon, Music & Menu"


A lunar eclipse won't happen again very soon
It's rare to have convergence of earth and the moon
A bright shining face is suddenly obscured
A lesson of life that is simply inferred
Out of darkness, light returns and we eventually attune.

There’s no better way to end a Hawaiian stay
Than to overwhelm the senses throughout the day
The surf and music set the mood
As Paradise arrived in the form of food
Thus ends a vacation of no work and all play

The alarm was set at 2:45 so we could catch the beginning of the eclipse. Unfortunately, my phone never adjusted to Hawaiian time, so it went off two hours early and after an adjustment, at the right time. The best viewing spot since the moon was overhead was from a chaise lounge near the Spa. I had the binoculars and the beginning was unobscured but clouds began to move in and we just got glimpses. The clouds parted enough so we could see full totality around 4:00 AM but not much impressive color. The irony is that Portland and Seattle probably got better views and at a more reasonable hour. Went back to bed until 8 and then breakfasted per our usual routine. Sally's son Tom was due to fly in mid-day for a week so he could ably take my place so after some burgers for lunch at Bubba's, I got dropped off and stayed back at the condo while J&S headed off for airport duty. I took a stroll around the grounds and sat out at the Point for awhile composing my thoughts and taking notes and then came back and focused on some writing and layout of my photos for my blog. When Tom arrived we gave him a chance to catch his breath and then headed up to Kapaa for a chance to hear Doug & Sandy again and pick up their just released CD "Sweet Hawaii Dreams" which is said to promote sleep. Ironically, 2620 miles away at Frog Pond Church another great Acoustic Guitar Summit was getting under way. Doug & Sandy know Mark so I thought the connection and concurrence was perfect. John and Sally wanted to do a farewell/welcome dinner at one of their favorite restaurants. The Hukilau Lanai in Kapaa and we were treated to an amazing meal. We went over the top with desserts of Lilikoi Pie and Vanilla Bean Cream Brulee to cap off a great final full day.


  1. just caught up on your recent adventures...I am so happy that you are writing again, my have a great gift with words...and I am sure that the trip was very healing for your heart...I enjoyed reading every entry and the pictures are fabulous!!!!this grief journey is not one that we can ever be prepared for and it has is ups and downs..traveling to a very special place for the first time without Dianna (physically,that is, i know she was with you) that was so near and dear to your heart had to be an emotional roller me anytime my friend..I am always here to listen and share....I get it... this "alone life" ...

    My daughter, Coral, and I went to Depoe Bay...which was "our Place"...much like you and Dianna's Kauai..tomrrow is Christmas eve and i will surely remember you and Dianna in my prayers...its both of our 2nd Christmas in our new journey..for some reason, this yr is more difficult than last yr....say hello to J&S for me..not sure they remmeber who I am, but, I remember them fondly from our Egypt tip...have you spoken with Danielle lately?? Her one yr is coming up....I have not connected with her since the memorial....stay in touch my friend...
    Heart Hugs,

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